We face a tremendous loss of trust in almost everything and everybody. We lost trust in governments, states, the politics and politicians, in science, in organizations, in our financial systems, in our communities and so on…
We even lost our trust in Facebook since „Cambridge Analytica“! So…in what do we trust? In Artificial Intelligence? Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies? In Algorithms and Coding? This all means: in non-personal entities?
If you pin it down, what is happening all around us with all these disruptive tendencies, it is a question of trust. Trust is key. Without trust people will not follow your lead. Customers won’t buy your product or use your service. And in a society without trust, people suffer from all kinds of anxieties.

If we strive for a change we must first create trust.

During our Conference will give you deep insights about the logic of trust, about loosing, gaining, maintaining trust and how you can use this knowledge in your personal journey and in your professional life as a leader, shaper and change maker.

If you like to share wisdom with other ladies & gentlemen from all around the globe, please register now. The seats are limited to 150 to keep the conference participative. Have a look at our conference website, our speakers and watch our wonderful video from the 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 edition 🙂 As founder and president of the League of Leading Ladies, I’d be happy and honored if you’d join us!

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This conference is supported by: Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa Interlaken, Sisley Paris, Akris, Stiftung BPN or PKZ and this support fills us with great joy.

Text: Sandra-Stella Triebl   – Grafik: Caro Eisl for Ladies Drive